Spiritual Worker

She has 15 years experience as a Spiritual Worker she utilizes her psychic mediumship, reading cards and talking to her spirit guides to help create the best custom spiritual work for her clients. She comes from a long lineage of Mexican Healers & Brujas. Some of the techniques she uses includes divination through cards, spiritual cleansing baths and candle magic. 

A spiritual bath involve essential oils, aromatic herbs and candles all of which are carefully selected just for you. Candle Magic, which is also used during the bath, assists in manifesting your goals and desires. By providing a focus point, they aid in meditation, which can in turn remove mental obstacles and bring forth guidance and clarity. Prayers and healing meditation instructions are provided for maximum benefit. You will feel an emotional and spiritual release. 



The best way to learn is to entertain! 

As a podcaster, Angelique Luna can educate people around the world about sex in a fun , light-hearted as well as insightful entertaining manner. With her co-host and/or guest hosts in sex education, adult, and any other industry that talks about sex; that helps people to live a healthier sex life. 

You will also find her at various events, as a Fortune Teller. She loves seeing the shocked look on people's faces when she tells them something they have yet to share with another person. At the same time, speaking the truth about certain situations in their lives that needs to be addressed. 


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